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A Photographic Survey & Natural History
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park(R)
Written by Lynn & Gene Monroe

Written for nature enthusiasts of all ages, citizen scientists and the scientific community.
A profusely illustrated 20-year field survey and natural history study of desert insects & other arthropods such as spiders and scorpions of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park (R) in the southern California desert.

1671 color photos-almost all taken in the wild in their native habitats with field observations.

26 illustrations-diagrams, charts and maps.
783 different insects--dragonflies, grasshoppers, katydids, moths, wasps, bees, bugs, flies and many more
48 other anthropods & snails--scorpions, spiders, harvestmen, millipedes, desertsnails, centipedes, mites, fairy shrimp and more.

6" X 9" Hardcover
ISBN #978-0-9615125-3-8
LOC #2012916691

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Includes a section of basic insect and  arthropod
biology, bibliographic references, a plantlist of all plants
mentioned in the text, an extensive index and a brief
common name index.

A concise summary of the survey results of 831
species in 573 genera is included.
Geographic Range--the Colorado Desert division of the
Sonoran Desert in southern California into Arizona
and Mexico, but many occur more widely.
Of named species:
75% occur in Arizona. Many occur in Mexico, especially
in Baja California.